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AndFaci: The supramolecular contract for your hair

With a history long-lasting to more than 2 decades, AndFaci is one of the pioneering names applying high technologies of Israel into nuturing, cultivating, and fix damages for human’s hair.

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With the beginning of an independent brand, specializing in producing conditioner and protein shampoo in small numbers, AndFaci is, now, extending its products and business to global markets with orders from developed countries. AndFaci sets itself a mission of applying high techonologies into nuturing human’s hair. AndFaci’s ambition is the highest quality hair for human thanks to high technologies instead of mere and simple co-operations with hair stylists.https://bestessayes.com http://www.10pagepapers.com

AndFaci is famous for two things which are respectively an innovative spirit and a nature-oriented thinking. Taking advantage of abundant resources, AndFaci guarantees its all product safe to users. Prior to exporting products, we, AndFaci, have to do many research and development processes to secure no side – effects for users. Our patterned molecular high extraction technology will ensuse the most essences are extracted like the way Israel people use the drip irrigation to revolutionize our agriculture. The technology has been developed for more than 10 years by top institutes and universities such as MIT, Havard and Standford.

AndFaci Supramolecular Recovery

Super-molecular connectivity technology. Recovery, reconstruction

The striking points of AndFaci’s patterned products are nutrient grains take effect at nano level, bringing nutrion to layers of any hairs. These moleculars have nutrion and agglutinative substance, helping hairs stronger and more durable. This high-end and advanced technology from AndFacy and best organic ingredients help the brand have perfect products for user.

AndFaci Supramolecular Recovery

The product is based on the high technology of supramolecular, with the ability to recover and restructure layers for hairs. After using, your hair will be protected and recovered from damages of dying, ironning and from the tough environment. Customers can enjoy benefits from sales and promotions which are applied for AndFaci members.

Shampoo Supramolecular

The product is based on the high-end extraction technology of AndFaci. Essence extracted from argan, acai grains in molecule will help us to make head skin cells clear, affect into hair follicles and even controll sebum and dandruff. Using this product, you can say goodbye to itchy head.

Conditioner Supramolecular Mutil-effects

The product is based on the high technology of supramolecular nano effect extraction. With the formula of supramolecular vitamin, glucose and extracts from argan, acai and the recovery serum of AndFaci, this product is also used in all kinds of hair treatment. The high-end and unique technology in this product will allow nutrients to be absorbed through layers and deep into the core of hair. The recovery even can be seen by eyes.

Super Recovery Nano AndFaci

With the formula of unique nutrient nano developed by AndFaci such as wheat protein, balanced nano ion, active element moisturizing hairs, the product will help you clear off sebum and dandruff due to hair doing. Recovery supramolecular will bring to hair collagen vitamin, glucose and amino acid and help hair to grow. Besides, the product also helps to balance the moisture, PH for hair your hair.

Supramolecular Oil Andfaci

Still based on active element supramolecular with extracts from argan, acai grains, the product will make hair silky and light. Dry our your hair to 60-70% before using. Rub the serum in your palms of hands and massage the hair, especially the damaged zone for the extracts to absorb deep in the hair.

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